1982 NCAA Championship North Carolina vs. Georgetown

2 Disc Set - North Carolina vs. GeorgetownMarch 29, 1982 New Orleans, LouisianaThe 1982 National Championship game between theNorth Carolina Tar Heels and the Georgetown Hoyas isengraved in the history of basketball as one of the mostriveting and legendary games ever played! For the firsttime in his unmatched career, the great Michael Jordan wasthrust into the spotlight as he led his Tar Heels to a 63-62victory to claim the national championship! His last secondshot hoisted the Tar Heels over the Hoyas, who were led bytheir very own future NBA star, Patrick Ewing. This historicgame also featured the 1982 NCAA tournament's MostOutstanding Player, Hall of Famer James Worthy.Remembered not only for Michael Jordon's last secondshot, this epic battle between two college basketballpowerhouses is also famous for an errant pass made byGeorgetown's Fred Brown on their last possession of thegame, as James Worthy stepped in and stole the pass toseal the victory for North Carolina!


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